Florida West Coast Golf Course Information

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Private Golf Courses!

Pinellas County, West of Tampa, Near Beaches

Crescent Oaks, Cypress Run Country Club
Map area # 498 Grid J,K -- 1,2
East Lake Woodland
Map area # 498 Grid J,K -- 7,8,9
Bardmoor Golf Country Club
Map area # 343 Grid H,G -- 21,22
Belleair Golf Country Club
Map area # 484,481 Grid D -- 16,17
Belleview Mido Golf Country Club
Map area # 481 Grid D -- 17
Pasadena Yacht Country Club
Map area # 353 Grid I -- 29,30
Isla Del Sol Golf Course
Map area # 354 Grid I -- 29,30
Lake Wood Golf Country Club
Map area # 362 Grid L,M -- 30,31
Seminole Lake Golf Country Club
Map # 342 Grid F,G -- 23,24
Feather Sound Country Club
Map area # 325 Grid L,M -- 19

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Still under construction! Semi-private and public golf course information and more detailed info!

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Florida West Coast real estate listings. Golf Course property included ( color pictures!)