Inside the beautiful Tierra Verde Waterfront Home!

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Priced at $750,000-$825,000 (MVP)

This is a view from the top of the grand spiral staircase looking down!

This home has recently sold for 685k Please E-mail me for other available Tierra Verde homes!

This is the guest master suite. It has a balcony a full bath and great views. Once you come to the top of the stairs you make an easy left.

Be careful, your guest may never want to leave. You do have cathedral ceilings in this room.

The balcony overlooks the end of Pass-A-Grille and the Gulf of Mexico!

This is the full bath. The shower stall is off to the right. I was unable to fit it in!

This is the view from the fourth bedroom. Since I do not have a wide angle lense, I am showing you just the view! At the top of the grand staircase you make a hard left and go up a couple of stairs to enter this bedroom!

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Now it is time for the most important bedroom in the house!

This is the master bedroom. At the top of the grand staircase you make a right go around a wall and up about 5 steps through a hallway to the master bedroom.

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